Screening Process

SAISD conducts GT testing in Kindergarten in December of each school year. A parent, teacher and/or campus counselor may initiate the screening process for a student. Requests for GT screening should be initiated prior to the second Friday in November. Nominations after this deadline will not be considered. Parent/guardian signatures must be secured on the Parent Information Survey prior to any tests being administered.

The screening tools include the following:

Kindergarten teachers will complete and administer all screening documents for each student and, with the exception of the Student Portfolio Activities, score each. The raw scores are entered to the reporting document. The Portfolio is reviewed and scored separately by the District Selection Committee1.

The completed paperwork for each child should be compiled in the order listed above and returned to the school counselor. The school counselor will double check each packet and submit all packets to the District Advanced Academics Program Office. The student profile must be e-mailed to the Advanced Academic secretary.

Selection Process

The packets of students whose screening results reflect superior scores are reviewed by the District Selection Committee1. Students whose results reflect superior scores on numerous indicators, including a preponderance of the primary indicators with support of the secondary indicators are identified as Gifted and Talented. After this review, each counselor will be notified of who did and did not qualify for the Gifted and Talented Program.


Parent Notification:

The parent or guardian will be notified in writing if their child qualifies for the San Angelo ISD Gifted and Talented Program. The parent/guardian of qualifying students will be provided with a Parental Permission to Enroll Form which they must use to indicate if and where they wish their child to be served. The signed form must be returned to the Advanced Academics Office.

Campus Notification:

The campus principal and counselor will be notified by email whether the child qualifies or not for the San Angelo ISD Gifted and Talented Program. If the child qualifies for the program, then the principal and counselor will be notified of the qualification and placement option the parent or guardian requests.



Kindergarten students who have been identified as Gifted and Talented will receive services from their kindergarten teacher beginning on or before March 1 through the remainder of the school year. Services will be administered by a teacher who has completed the TEA-required 30 hours of GT training and annual updates

Magnet Program - Grade 1 Placement:

The magnet program provides GT services to identified GT students in grades 1st through 5th at Fort Concho Elementary School. In addition to teaching and mastering the skills of the district curriculum, the Ft. Concho's magnet program provides supplemental enrichment activities that nurture the needs of gifted students. Students are given regular opportunities to experience hands-on activities that are designed to not only address, but broaden their interests and compliment their strengths. Students enjoy the opportunity to independently research and study topics of interest, make presentations to their peers, and compete in a city wide competition called TRIYS (Texas Research Institute for Young Scholars). The goal of the program is to provide an enriched and accelerated program that meets the individual needs of our GT students. If the parent or guardian opts to send his or her child to Fort Concho Elementary School, transportation is available to and from the home campus. Teachers assigned to the magnet program have completed the TEA required 30 hours of GT training and receive training updates annually.

Home Campus - Grade 1 Placement:

If the parent or guardian of an identified student chooses not to enroll his or her child in the GT magnet program, the student will be placed on his/her home campus with a teacher who has completed the TEA required 30 hours of GT training and has received training updates annually. The teacher will differentiate instruction to maximize the advanced abilities of the student. GT identified students may also be given the opportunity to participate in a pull-out program for ¬Ĺ day a week so they may participate in the city-wide research project and competition known as TRIYS (Texas Research Institute for Young Scholars) . This "pull-out" option may be available from the first week of October through the TRIYS competition, usually held in late March or early April.

Additional Information

Because of the nature of the tests administered, a full year must lapse before re-screening can be done.

Program Furlough

All students who are unable to maintain a satisfactory performance within the structure of the Gifted and Talented Program may be placed on furlough by the campus counselor or the District Selection Committee1. The campus counselor or the District Selection Committee1 must fill out the District's furlough form (Appendix A), which must be sent to the Advanced Academics Program office for approval from the program manager. The purpose of a furlough is to provide the student the opportunity to attain performance goals established by the District Selection Committee1. A furlough also may be granted at the request of the parent or guardian. A student may be furloughed for one school year. At the end of the furlough, the student's progress will be reviewed by the District Selection Committee1. At that time, the student may re-enter the GT program or exit completely from the program. It is not recommended that a student remain on a furlough for more than 1 year. Should a student be on furlough more than one or two semesters, it would be very difficult to return to accelerated work and be successful.

Program Exit

Student performance in the Gifted and Talented Program is monitored for satisfactory progress. Before determining removal from the program, a conference with the parent/guardian, school counselor, and the Advanced Academic Specialist must be held. Once this conference takes place, information will be shared with the District Selection Committee1 to determine the best placement for the student. If a parent or guardian requests removal from the program, a written request from the parent must be submitted to the District Advanced Academics Program office.


A parent or student may appeal any final decision of the District Selection Committee1 regarding selection for or removal from the gifted program. Appeal shall be made first to the District Selection Committee1. Any subsequent appeals shall be made in accordance with FNG (LOCAL) beginning at Level Two.

1The District Selection Committee is composed of at least three educators who have completed thirty hours of training in services for gifted and talented students. The committee meets as needed to review potential gifted and talented students who have been nominated for placement.