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Archived Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 17, 2004—noon

  1. Call to Order and Establish Quorum
  2. Adjourn to Closed or Executive Session in accordance with:
    551.071 Texas Government Code
    1. Consultation with attorney
  3. Pledge of Allegiance (United States and Texas)
    6th grade students-Adrienna Bingham, I’sa Bosch, Jesse Cortez, Taylor Eastman and Megan Shaw Teacher-Ron Miller
  4. Invocation – Terry Bader, Board President
  5. Public Comment (for items not included on this agenda)—
    Comment was made by Tom Miller and Dr. Joe E. Gonzales
  6. Action Agenda Items
    1. Consider recommendations of Facility Task Force regarding school
      consolidations and adjustment of attendance zones—presentations were made by
      Dr. Arnold Oates, Steve Van Hoozer, and Jeff Bright--Option 2 was approved.
      Public comment was given by Craig Meyers, Harry Watley, Denise Barber, Richard Brown, Darrell Warrick, Isaiah Wyatt, Tommy Navarro, Gretchen Wintermantel, Nicholas Urteaga, Mary Owens, Delnora Williams, Robert
      Paschal, Tom Kerr, Floyd Crider, FL “Steve” Stephens, Ralph Powell, J. B. Hall, Lee Pope, Sabino Garcia, and Chris Trubenstein.
    2. Consider authorizing staff to begin process of soliciting RFP’s for hiring architect for facilities plan--postponed
    3. Consider authorizing continuation of Long Range Facilities Planning--postponed

    The following items were addressed at an additional board meeting on Feb. 18, 2004:

  7. Adjourn to Closed or Executive Session in accordance with:
    551.074 Texas Government Code
    1. Consider Level 3 complaint against an employee
  8. Recognitions
    TCASE Regular Educator of Year Award (Jana Anderson)
    • Bill Waters-Principal of Glenn Junior High
  9. Consider Minutes for the Regular Board Meeting of January 20, 2004 and the Special Board Meeting of January 19, 2004--approved
  10. Consider Bills and Accounts and Financial
    Statements for January, 2004--approved
  11. Reports
    • Facilities/Finance Committee Report – Agenda and Minutes for January 19, 2004 (Tim Archer)
    • Membership Report – 24th Monday, February 9, 2004 (Linda Stevens)
  12. Consent Agenda Items--approved
    1. Consider Accepting Donations (Hope Flores)
      1. Donation – 1980 Cadillac from Mr. Stanley J. Willhelm was donated to the Intro to Transportation class at Glenn Junior High
    2. Consider ratifying administration’s action in sale of properties (Jeff Bright)
    3. Consider district mission, beliefs, vision, strengths and weaknesses, and
      goals (Dr. Pugh)--approved
    4. Consider approval of annual required hours of continuing education for
      school board members--approved
    5. Consider Level 3 complaint against an employee—upheld at Level 2 with
      letter of apology required
    6. Consider approval of 2004-2005 budget calendar(Jeff Bright)—approved
    7. Consider approval of calling the school trustee election, approval of the resolution and joint election agreement with the City of San Angelo, approve resolution and election services contract with Tom Green County Election Administrator to administer election at a shared cost, approve a joint runoff election to be held on June 19, 2004, if necessary
      (Jeff Bright)—approved
    8. Consider approval of staffing formulas (Jeff Bright)--approved
    9. Consider approval of general fund budget amendment for January 31, 2004 (Hope Flores)--approved
    10. Consider approval to contract with Milliman USA for actuarial services (Pattie Jackson)—approved
    11. Consider district recommendation for school year 2003-2004(Gloria Baird)— approved
    12. Consider employment agreement, probationary contract and one-year term contract (Gloria Baird)—approved
    13. Consider recommendations for renewal of administrator’s contract for school year 2004-2005(Gloria Baird)--approved
    14. Consider Naming the Southwest Elementary (Steve Van Hoozer)— the new school will be named Lamar Elementary.
    15. Consider approval of Student Transfer Policy-second reading (Eddie Heath)—approved with changes
    16. Consider alternative high-speed connectivity (Terry Bader)--postponed
    17. Consider Board Operating Procedures—postponed
    18. Consider Annual Board Meeting Calendar of Dates and Activities for 2003-2004—approved
  13. Announcements

    Regular School Board of Trustees Meeting
    Thursday March 25, 2004 5:30 PM
    SAISD Board Room

    Regular School Board of Trustees Meeting
    Thursday, April 22, 2004 5:30 PM
    SAISD Board Room

  14. Adjournment

Prepared by Jamie Highsmith, Public Information Officer