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Archived Meeting Minutes

December 16, 2003

  1. Call to Order and Establish Quorum
  2. Pledge of Allegiance (United States and Texas)
    Boy Scout Pack #2, Reagan Elementary School
    Leader: Matthew Vercher
  3. Invocation – Fredd Adams, Pastor at St. Paul Baptist Church
  4. Public Comment—none given at this time
  5. Adjourn to Closed or Executive Session in accordance with:
    551.074 Texas Government Code
    • Discuss employee discipline, duties, resignations,
      reassignments, new hires, and evaluations—
      This was held at the end of the meeting.
  6. Recognitions
    (a) Introduce Charlyn Bruchmiller – SAISD Director of
    Technology (Joanne Rice)
    (b) Regional Secondary Teacher of the Year (Jamie Highsmith)
    • Region XV Education Service Center
    Danny Eckert – Lincoln Junior High School
    (c) Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (Jamie Highsmith)
    • District Junior High School Assistant Principal of the Year
    J. D. Koehn – Lee Junior High School
    (d) Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (Jamie Highsmith)
    • District Junior High School Principal of the Year
    Bill Waters – Glenn Junior High School
    (e) Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (Jamie Highsmith)
    • District High School Assistant Principal of the Year
    Mickey Russell – Central High School
  7. Consider Approval of Minutes for the Regular
    Board Meeting of October 28, 2003 and
    November 18, 2003, and the Special Board
    Meeting of November 17, 2003--approved
  8. Consider Approval of Bills and Accounts and Financial
    Statements for November, 2003--approved
  9. Reports
    (a) School Planning Scenarios (Dr. Arnold Oates)
    (b) Facilities/Finance Committee Report – Agenda and
    Minutes for November 17, 2003 (Tim Archer)
    (c) Membership Report – Monday, December 8, 2003
    (Linda Stevens)
    (d) Student Transfer Policy Report (Eddie Heath)
  10. Consent Agenda Items--approved
    (a) Consider Approval of the Quarterly Investment
    Report Ending November 30, 2003
    (Charity Vasquez)
    (b) Consider Approval of Ratifying the Administration’s
    Action in the Sale of Tax Foreclosure
    Properties (Jeff Bright)
    (c) Consider Approval of Donations (Hope Flores)
    (1) Cash Donation - $2000.00 from Verizon Hispanic
    Support Organization – West Texas Chapter,
    Pat Trevino, President for use by the HOSTS
    Program at Rio Vista Elementary
    (2) Cash Donation - $2,100.42 from the Santa Rita PTA
    for water fountains at Santa Rita Elementary
  11. Action Agenda Items
    (a) Consider Approval of the 2004-2005 San Angelo
    Independent School District School Calendar
    (Joanne Rice)—Calendar #1 was approved.
    (b) Consider Approval of Joining the Alvarado
    Intervenors in School Finance Lawsuit
    (Dr. Cole Pugh)—postponed indefinitely
    (c) Consider Approval of Designating Unreserved
    Fund Balance (Jeff Bright)—not approved
    (d) Consider Approval of Awarding Bid RFB 758
    - For Purchase of Athletic Supplies
    (Steve Van Hoozer)--approved
    (e) Consider Process of Naming of the New Elementary
    School (Steve Van Hoozer)—process approved;
    forms will be available on the website and in the
    Public Information Office.

    (f) Consider Approval of Board Policy EIC (Local) –
    Academic Achievement – Class Ranking
    First Reading (Joanne Rice)—approved
    (g) Consider Approval of District Employment
    Recommendations for School Year
    2003-2004 (Gov’t Code 551.074)
    (Gloria Baird)—approved
    (h) Consider Review of Board Operating
    Procedures (Terry Bader)—postponed
    (i) Consider Approval of Annual Board Meeting
    Calendar of Dates and Activities for
    2003-2004 (Terry Bader)--postponed
    (j) Consider Possible Dates for Goal Setting Workshop
    (January 17, 24, 31, 2004) and Board Self-Evaluation
    Workshop (Evening)—Jan. 17 was selected for the
    Goal Setting Workshop but the Board Self-Evaluation
    date selection was postponed.

    (k) Conduct Evaluation of the Superintendent Job Performance
    (Gov’t Code 551.074)—the board adjourned to closed
    session to discuss the evaluation.
  12. Announcements
    • Public Meeting – School Planning Scenarios
      Monday, January 5, 2004, 7:00 p.m.,
      Lake View High School Auditorium
    • Public Meeting – School Planning Scenarios
      Tuesday, January 6, 2004, 7:00 p.m.,
      Central High School - Sarah Bernhardt Theatre
    • Regular School Board of Trustees Meeting
      Tuesday, January 20, 2004, 5:30 p.m.,
      SAISD Board Room
  13. Adjournment

prepared by Jamie Highsmith, Public Information Officer