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Archived Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2003

  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. First Annual Business/Education Roundtable (Program Attached)

    1st Annual—Business/Education
    Roundtable Discussion

    San Angelo ISD
    Administration Building—Board Room
    1621 University
    Tuesday, December 9, 2003


7:40—7:45 WELCOME

Marty Jonas, SAISD Executive Director of Schools—West
7:45—7:50 SABEC Background
Lorenzo Lasater, SABEC President
7:50—8:00 Texas Scholars Background
Robbin Gesch, SAISD Executive Director of Curriculum &Assessment
8:00—8:30 SAISD Perspective
Dr. Cole Pugh, SAISD Superintendent
 • Graduate Profile
 • Preparation for Higher Education

First Annual Business/Education Roundtable

8:30—9:00 Higher Education Perspective
John Parsons, Howard College Director of Student Services
 • College for Texans
 • Post-Secondary Opportunities
9:00—9:30 Business Perspective on Education
Michael Dalby, Chamber of Commerce President
• Graduate Profile
9:30—10:30 Roundtable Discussion
• Graduation Profile: What are your expectations?
• How can businesses partner with all levels of education?
• “Job Shadowing” is a proposed project for the Spring. Job shadowing is the pairing of a student with a business representative for the purpose of career orientation. Do you have an interest in participating?

These questions were all discussed and a report given from each table. Many business leaders expressed an interest in mentoring or other forms of assisting. SABEC will take all comments and present them at their next meeting.

prepared by Jamie Highsmith, Public Information Officer