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Archived Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2003 Facilities Workshop

  1. Call to Order and Establish Quorum
  2. Pledge of Allegiance (United States and Texas)
  3. Public Comment—none given
  4. Consider Facility Planning Scenarios (Dr. Arnold Oates)
    Dr. Oates presented a 10-year plan which would include three
    phases. The plan calls for eleven elementary schools grades P-K
    through 5, three middle schools, grades 6-8 , and two high schools,
    grades 9-12. Public meetings will be held in January to allow
    for input from taxpayers.
  5. Consider Approval of District Employment Recommendations
    for School Year
    (Closed Session) (Gov’t Code 551.074)
    (Gloria Baird)—approved
  6. Announcements
    • Regular School Board of Trustees Meeting
      Tuesday, December 16, 2003, 5:30 p.m.,
      SAISD Board Room
  7. Adjournment

prepared by Jamie Highsmith, Public Information Officer