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Archived Meeting Minutes

September 30, 2003

1.   Call to Order and Establish Quorum

2.   Pledge of Allegiance

3.   Public Comment- given by Tommy Navarro.

4.   Adjourn to Closed or Executive Session in accordance with:


551.074 Texas Government Code

•  Discuss employee discipline, duties, resignations, reassignments, new hires, and evaluations

•  Conduct Evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools

•  Discuss Superintendent Salary and Contract-

the board adjourned to executive session.


5.   Report from Board Members Attending the TASB/TASA Convention- reports were given by Mr. Archer, Mr. Bader, Mr , Baker, Mr. Layman, and Mr. Silvas.

6.   Consider TASB Board Effectiveness Audit- postponed.

7.   Review an Evaluation Instrument and Calendar for Board

Self-Evaluation and Superintendent Evaluation- postponed

until the October meeting.

8.   Conduct Evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools- postponed until the October meeting.

9.   Consider Superintendent's Salary and Contract- the superintendent will not receive a raise; however, an increase in salary will be considered in 2005.

10.   Announcements

•  Tuesday, October 20, 2003 - 5:30 p.m.

Regular School Board of Trustees Meeting

San Angelo ISD Administration Building Board Room

1621 University Avenue

San Angelo , TX 76904

11.   Adjournment