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Archived Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2003


1.   Call to Order and Establish Quorum

2.   Pledge of Allegiance ( United States and Texas ) and the Presentation of

Colors by the San Jacinto 's Third Grade Dual Language Class Students -

Alexandra Dayao, Joshua Garcia, Alyssa Sepeda, Victoria Lopez, and

Gilbert Torres

Directed By: Alicia Guebara

3.   Invocation-given by Jerry Roach

4.    Public Comment-none

5.   Conduct Public Hearing on Child Care Services -presented by Joanne Rice

6.   Adjourn to Closed or Executive Session in accordance with:

    551.074 Texas Government Code

•  Discuss employee discipline, duties, resignations,

reassignments, new hires, and evaluations

•  Discuss Superintendent Salary and Contract

The board adjourned for two separate executive sessions.

7.   Presentation

   (a)   SAY/MADD Group ( San Angelo Youth/Mothers

Against Drunk Driving)

A skit was presented by Skylar Anderson, Stephanie Eckert, Joanna Gatlin, Harvey Huereca, Courtney Miller, Dylan Wanoreck, and Selena Zuniga.

Guest speakers were Thomas Clemens, Rebecca Raburn, Emily Potaracke, and Tara White. Their sponsors are Mary Lou Robbins and Sandy Meeks.

8. Recognition

  (a)   Joann Walter - Trade and Industrial Administrator of the

      Year for the State of Texas -presented by Robbin Gesch

•  Dorothy Ware - Secretary/Treasurer for the Texas

Educational Support Staff Association (TESA)-presented by Joann Walter

•  Hope Flores - Designation of Certified Texas School

Business Specialist (CTSBS)-presented by Jeff Bright

•  Charity Vasquez - Designation of Certified Texas School

Business Specialist (CTSBS)-presented by Jeff Bright

•  Howard Miller - Participation in the 2003 Toyota

Leadership Academy -presented by Jamie Highsmith

•  Marsha Tharp - Participation in the 2003 Toyota

Leadership Academy -presented by Jamie Highsmith

9.    Consider Approval of Minutes for the Regular Board

Meeting of August 19, 2003 , and the Special Meetings

of August 5 and 11, 2003--approved

10.   Consider Approval of Bills and Accounts and

Financial Statements for August, 2003--approved

11.   Reports

  (a)   Bilingual Education Exception Proposal-presented by Alicia Cuellar

(b)   Lake View High School Update-presented by Steve Van Hooser

(c)   1998 SAISD Curriculum Management Audit Report   --presented by Dr.


(d)   Curriculum Writing Project-presented by Joanne Rice

(e)   Facilities/Finance Committee Report Minutes for August 18, 2003 -

presented by Tim Archer

  (f)   Student Membership Report

  (g)   San Angelo ISD Adequate Yearly Progress Report-presented by Robbin


  (h)   Staffing Ratio Report-postponed until the October board meeting

  (i)   Edison Junior High Girls' Locker Room Update-presented by Jim Elson

12.   Consent Agenda Items-both approved

  (a)   Consider Approval the Quarterly Investment Report Ending

      August 31, 2003

•  Consider Approval of Donations

13.   Action Agenda Items

•  Consider Approval of San Angelo I.S.D. String Instrument

Contract- this is an agreement with the First United Methodist

Church, who would rent our 6 th grade stringed instruments.


•  Consider Approval of 4-H for Extra-Curricular Status and

    Approve the Tom Green County Extension Faculty

as Adjunct Staff Member of San Angelo I.S.D.-- approved

•  Consider Approval of Firm to Appeal State Comptroller's

Annual Property Value Study-- approved

•  Consider Approval of Southwest Elementary Multi-Purpose

Air Conditioning- the cost is $45, 953, but due to savings

in other areas we will not exceed the guaranteed max-


•  Consider Approval of Awarding Bid RFP 741 - Paper Towels

And Toilet Tissue-- approved

•  Consider Approval of Request for Donated Surplus Items-- approved

•  Consider Superintendent's Salary and Contract- individual evaluations will be completed by board members and reviewed at a special called meeting on Sept. 30. At that time a decision on the salary will be made.

•  Consider Approval of District Employment Recommendations

for School Year 2003-2004 (Gov't Code 551.074)-


•  Review an Evaluation Instrument and Calendar for Board

Self-Evaluation and Superintendent Evaluation-

postponed until the special Sept. 30 meeting.


14.   Announcements

  • 43 rd Annual TASB/TASA Convention September 19-22, 2003 Dallas , Texas
  • Special School Board of Trustees Meeting Tuesday, September 30 at 5:30 p.m. , SAISD Board Room
  • Regular School Board of Trustees Meeting Tuesday, October 21, 2003 , 5:30 p.m. , SAISD Board Room

15.   Adjournment

prepared by Jamie Highsmith , Public Information Officer