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Archived Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2003

1. Call to Order and Establish Quorum

2. Invocation—led by Mr. Layman

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Public Comment—none at this time

5. Adjourn to Closed or Executive Session in accordance with:

551.071 Texas Government Code

· Discussion with attorney regarding pending or

threatened litigation

· Consultation with legal counsel regarding legal matters

affecting consideration of action agenda items

551.074 Texas Government Code

· Discuss employee discipline, duties, resignations,

reassignments, new hires, and evaluations—

The board did not adjourn to executive session.

6. Recognition

(a) Media Honor Roll

(1) Kathy Munoz – KLST-TV

(2) Yantis Green – KGKL AM/FM Radio

(3) Gretchen Wintermantel – San Angelo Standard Times

Local Recognition

(4) Joel Fox – KLST-TV

(5) Kristen Clark – KLST-TV

(6) Jeff Rottman – KIXY / KKSA / KWFR AM/FM Radio

7. Consider Approval of Minutes for the Regular Board

Meeting of July 22, 2003--approved

8. Consider Approval of Bills and Accounts and Financial Statements for July, 2003--approved

9. Reports

(a) Curriculum Design From A District Perspective—presented by Dr. Pugh

(b) Options Related to Employee Salary Increases—presented by Dr. Pugh

(c) Lincoln Electric Company Partnership with SAISD—presented by Joann Walter

(d) Facilities/Finance Committee Report - Minutes for June 12, 2003 and July 22, 2003—presented by Tim Archer

(e) FF&E and Technology Plan for Southwest Elementary School—presented by Steve Van Hoozer

10. Consent Agenda Items—ALL APPROVED

(a) Consider Approval of PDAS Certified Appraisers for 2003-2004 School Year

(b) Consider Approval of Donation

(1) Cash Donation of $350.00 from Mr. Joe Munoz ($50.00 for each Library – Blackshear, Edison, Ft. Concho, Holiman, Reagan, Rio Vista, and San Jacinto)

(c) Consider Approval of Ratifying Administration’s Action in Sale of Properties

11. Action Agenda Items

(a) Consider Approval of Operating Transfer From the Capital Projects Fund Back to General Fund—approved

(b) Consider Approval of Proposed Amendment for the District Official Budget Fiscal Year 2002-2003: General Fund--approved

(c) Consider Approval of Awarding Bid RFP 731– Resurface and Rebuild Tennis Courts– tabled until 8/26/03 meeting

(d) Consider Approval of Health Plan Reinsurance and Life/AD&D Insurance Provider—the board approved Sun Life Assurance Co.

(e) Consider Approval of Waiver to Modify Schedules During Testing Days for the 2003-2004 Academic Year--approved

(f) Consider Approval of Authorized Representative For Child Nutrition Programs—approved

(g) Consider Approval of Audit Engagement Letter From Webb and Webb--approved

(h) Consider Approval of TASB Board Policy Review Seminar, a Comprehensive Audit and Review of the District’s Local Policy Manual—approved

(i) Consider Approval of Annual Board Meeting Calendar of Dates and Activities for 2003-2004—approved

(j) Consider Approval of Amended Policies—approved

· First Reading

- Board Policy BED (Local) – Public Participation

· Second Reading

- Board Policy BE (Local) – Board Meetings—

(k) Consider Approval of TASB Policy Update 69—approved

(l) Review Board Operating Procedures--reviewed

(m) Consider Approval of District Employment Recommendations for the 2003-2004 School Year (Gov’t Code 551.07)--approved

12. Announcements

  • Board President’s Committee Appointments—Mr. Bader has appointed Mr. Baker to join Mr. Archer and Mr. Layman on the Facilities and Finance Committee
  • Special School Board of Trustees Meeting Thursday, August 21, 2003 – 5:30 p.m. SAISD Administration Building Board Room
  • Special School Board of Trustees Meeting and Public Hearing Tuesday, August 26, 2003 – 5:30 p.m.
  • 43rd Annual TASB/TASA Convention September 19-22, 2003 Dallas, Texas

13. Adjournment