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Archived Meeting Minutes

July 22, 2003

1.   Call to Order and Establish Quorum

2.   Invocation- led by Mr. Bader

3.   Pledge of Allegiance- led by Mr. Bader

4.   Public Comment- none at this time

5.   Adjourn to Closed or Executive Session in accordance with:

    551.071 Texas Government Code

  • Discussion with attorney regarding pending or threatened litigation
  • Consultation with legal counsel regarding legal matters affecting consideration of action agenda items

    551.074 Texas Government Code

  • Discuss employee discipline, duties, resignations, reassignments, new hires, and evaluations
  • Hear parent complaint regarding district employee

551.082 Texas Government Code

  • Hear parent appeal of student discipline

The board adjourned to two separate executive sessions.

6.   Consider Parent Appeal of Student Discipline (Gov't Code 551.082)-the board upheld the administrative decision

7.   Consider Parent Complaint Regarding District Employee (Gov't Code 551.074)-

the board upheld the administrative decision

Consider Approval of Minutes for the Regular Board Meetings of May 20 and June 17, 2003 ; and the Special Board Meetings of June 3

and 25, 2003-- approved

9.   Consider Approval of Bills and Accounts and Financial Statements for June, 2003-- approved

10.   Reports

  (a)   Elementary and Secondary Counseling Program Grant-presented by Robbin Gesch - the grant will provide funding for 5 new

counselors and 1 clerical assistant.

(b)   Facilities/Finance Committee Report for July 22, 2003 -presented by Mr. Archer: issues included textbooks and the Southwest Elementary.

11.   Consent Agenda Items

  (a)   Consider Approval of the Proposed Amendment   for the District Official Budget: General Fund-- approved

  • Consider Approval of Donation $50.00 Cash Donation from Karen Schmeltekopf for the Mariachi Program-- approved
  • Consider Approval of Ratifying Administration's

Action in Sale of Properties --approved

  • Consider Approval of Awarding Bid #04-3 -Staple Food Products for the Food Service Department for the School Year 2003-2004-- approved
  • Consider Approval of Awarding Bid RFP #740 - Percent (%) Discount from Catalog Pricing for Office/Classroom Supplies, Equipment, and Furniture- approved   
  • Consider Approval of Awarding Bid RFP #742 - Athletic Equipment (Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, and Soccer) and a Percent (%) Discount from Catalog Pricing-- approved
  • Consider Approval of Awarding Bid RFP #744 - Fire Alarm System at John Glenn Junior High School-- approved
  • Consider Approval of Awarding Bid RFP #783 - Workers' Compensation Insurance Provider- approved to continue with Edwards Risk Management; the plan is modified self-funded

12.   Action Agenda Items

  • Consider Approval of the Actuarial Study of the District's Health Plan by Milliman USA- presented by Tim Lee of Houston -the fund had an actual gain of $349,487 with a projected gain of $900,000 for the coming year--approved
  • Consider Reinstatement of the Sixth Grade Strings Program- public comment was given by Kelly Bryant, David Phillips, Mercyla Fly, Stan Joynton, and Debra Graham- reinstatement of strings program not approved
  • Consider Review of Employees That Were RIF'ed-presented by Gloria Baird -all are being notified of jobs and given the opportunity to apply for those for which they are qualified
  • Consider Discussion of Board Policy CH (Local) - Purchasing and Acquisition- presented by Steve Van Hoozer and Cameron Evans
  • Consider Approval of Awarding Bid RFP #729 - Wireless Metropolitan Area Network- postponed
  • Consider Approval of Request - City of San Angelo to Abandon Portions of Hickory and Rio Grande Streets- approved
  • Consider Approval of Renegotiating the District's Legal Fees Contract With Schwartz and Eichelbaum, P.C., Attorneys at Law- presented by Kelli Karczewski- -- approved
  • Consider Approval of Innovative Agriculture Science Course for Spring 2004 and TEA Approved Course Equine Science for Fall 2003- presented by Joann Walter - approved
  • Consider Selection of Delegate and Alternate to the TASB Delegate Assembly in September, 2003- Mr. Bader will be the delegate and Mr. Archer will be the alternate
  • Consider Approval of Annual Board Meeting Calendar of Dates and Activities for 2003-2004-- postponed
  • Consider Approval of Amended Policies
  • First Reading
  • Board Policy BED (Local) -Public Participation- postponed
  • Second Reading Board Policy BE (Local) - Board Meetings- postponed
  • Consider Approval of TASB Policy Update 69 With Changes to Board Policies BED (Local) and BE (Local)-- postponed
  • Consider Approval of District Employment Recommendations for the 2003-2004 School Year (Gov't Code 551.074)-- approved
  • Consider Approval of TASB Salary Structure for Teachers and All Employees- approved (the structure was approved; no salary increases were approved)
  • Consultation With Attorney (Gov't Code 551.071 -- none

13.   Announcements

  • Regular School Board of Trustees Meeting Tuesday, August 19, 2003 - 5:30 p.m. SAISD Administration Building Board Room
  • 43 rd Annual TASB/TASA Convention September 19-22, 2003 Dallas , Texas

Workshops were scheduled for August 5 and 7.

The technology workshop is scheduled for August 5 at 5:30 PM . The budget workshop is scheduled for August 7 at 5:30 PM . Both will be held in the SAISD Board Room.

14.   Adjournment