Archived Meeting Minutes

Prepared by Jamie Highsmith, Public Information Officer

April 08, 2003

  1. Call to Order and Establish Quorum
  2. Adjourn to Closed or Executive Session in accordance with:
    551.071 Texas Government Code
    • Discussion with attorney regarding pending or
    threatened litigation
    551.074 Texas Government Code
    • Discuss employee discipline, duties, resignations,
    reassignments, and new hires—
    The board did not adjourn to closed session.
  3. Recognition
    (a) Shannon Rehab Center Community Accessibility Awards 2003— presented by Cindy Lubke and Dr. Dan Stultz. Receiving recognition were Karen Smith and Raymond Bannert of CHS as well as Central High’s Bannecker Hall. Former CHS student Kelvin Truelove was also recognized.
  4. Public Comment—given by Peggy Hodges
  5. Report
    (a) Copier Lease—given by Steve Van Hoozer. The district is negotiating with Mita copiers following an intensive study of several bids.
  6. Action Agenda
    (a) Consider Discussion of Possible Reinstatement of Mariachi Program (Requested by Mr. Daniel Cárdenas)—The CHS Mariachi Band performed. Their director, Jose Torres, gave public comment. The Mariachi Program was not reinstated.
    (b) Consider Approval of Ratification of Administration’s
    Action in Sale of Properties--APPROVED
    (c) Consider Approval to Authorize Administration to Negotiate With a Company regarding RFP #725 – Turf for the San Angelo Stadium—presented by Steve Van Hoozer. Public comment was given by Johnny Lam Jones and Stormy Kimrey. Negotiatiations with SRI for a final bid on the turf were approved.
    (d) Consider Approval to Award Bid RFP #726 – Crowning of Athletic Fields—It was approved to re-crown Lake View Stadium. Old Bobcat Stadium, which is owned by the city and leased by SAISD, was not
    approved for re-crowning. The lease is almost up and further consideration is needed.
    (e) Consider Approval to Authorize the Purchasing and Maintenance Departments to Proceed With Firm Costs for the Purchase of One Reel Mower for Athletic Fields--APPROVED
    (f) Consider Approval of Presiding Judges and Alternates for May 3, 2003 Board of Trustee Election--APPROVED
    (g) Consider Approval for the Summer Meal Program--APPROVED
    (h) Consider Action Resulting from Closed Session--NONE
  7. Conduct Workshop Concerning Facility Planning Needs for the San Angelo Independent School District
  8. Announcements
    The next board meeting will be May 20 at 5:30 PM in the board room.
  9. Adjournment