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Archived Meeting Minutes

Prepared by Jamie Highsmith, Public Information Officer

February 18, 2003

  1. Call to Order and Establish Quorum
  2. The board did not adjourn to Closed or Executive Session.
  3. Invocation – Mr. Tim Archer
  4. Pledge of Allegiance and Presentation of Colors
    Blackshear Elementary School ROTC Students – Coireisha Cambell, Patricia Flores, Gaspar Salasar, Natalie Garcia, Yessenia Martinez, Stephanie Garcia, and Re’Auna Rutledge Sponsors: Ralph Powell, Susie Marshall, and Rod Bridgman
  5. Song – Star Spangled Banner – Sung by Miss Elizabeth “Libby” Archer
  6. Conduct Public Hearing to Allow Input and Discussion Concerning the Beginning Date of Instruction for the School Year 2003-2004—Public comment given by Cheryl de Cordova. Mrs. Rice addressed the TEA waiver process and the proposed start date of August 14. The district will proceed with the waiver and will hope to have a response from TEA in March.
  7. Recognition
    (a) Helping One Student To Succeed – Acknowledgement of Blackshear, Fannin, Holiman, and Rio Vista Elementary Schools’ exemplary status in the HOST program, presented by Alicia Cuellar, Marty Jonas, and Sue Van Hoozer.
  8. Public Comment—none given at this time.
  9. Consider Approval of the Minutes for the Special Meetings of January 9, 2003, and January 30, 2003, and the Minutes for the Regular Meeting of January 23, 2003--APPROVED
  10. Consider Approval of Bills and Accounts and Financial Statements for January, 2003— APPROVED
  11. Reports (11a -11-g)
    (a) Reduction in Force Procedures Report—presented by SAISD attorney Kelli Karczewski
    (b) Bentwood Tennis Pro Kevin Collins Regarding Charges for Use of Courts—Rex Scofield reported that the current agreement will continue.
    (c) Bilingual Education Proposal for Recruitment and Retention of Bilingual Education Certified Teachers—presented by Alicia Cuellar
    (d) District Improvement Plan Report—presented by Dr. Pugh
    (e) Facilities/Finance Committee Report—presented by Tim Archer
    (f) Policy for Out of Town Travel by Students—presented by Mark Gesch
    (g) Membership Report – 24th Monday of School, February 10, 2003—written report
  12. Consent Agenda Items (12a – 12d)
    (a) Consider Approval of Bid Award RFP #719 – Belaire Fire Alarm--APPROVED
    (b) Consider Approval of Bid Award RFP #720 – Construction and Millwork- APPROVED
    (c) Consider Approval of Bid Award RFP #724 – Suburbans/Excursions— APPROVED (public comment by Bill Ford; low bid by Jim Bass Ford accepted)
    (d) Consider Approval of District Employment Recommendations for School Year 2002-2003--APPROVED
  13. Action Agenda Items (13a – 13t)
    (a) Consider Approval of the Concho Valley Tennis Association to Request Support of the Proposed Shared Facility for the City of San Angelo, SAISD, and Concho Valley Tennis Association—request made by Patsy Maddux and Bill Ford with comment from Melissa Cloyd –tabled until March 4 special board meeting.
    (b) Consider Approval of Report on State Compensatory Education Funds for Fiscal Year 2002—presented by Wylie Webb—board signatures tabled until the March 4 board meeting.
    (c) Consider Approval of Proposed Amendment for the District Official
    Budget: General Fund--APPROVED
    (d) Consider Approval of Regular Education Program Definition for Purposes
    Of Receipt of State Funding--APPROVED
    (e) Consider Approval of Change in Scope of the Sidewalk Project at
    Southwest Elementary—tabled until regular March board meeting.
    (f) Consider Approval of the Installation of Ceramic Tile in the Common
    Corridor Areas of Lake View High School and Request for Bids (*)
    (g) Consider Approval of the Lake View High School Cafeteria Expansion
    and Request for Bids (*)
    (h) Consider Approval of the Plastering of Lake View High School Out-
    Buildings to Match the New Construction and Request for Bids (*)
    (*)= The original Lake View H. S. architect will be contacted to
    present options regarding these three items.
    (i) Consider Approval of Annual Required Hours of Continuing Education
    for School Board Members--APPROVED
    (j) Consider Approval of the Finance/Facilities Committee’s Recommen-
    dation to Contract with Milliman USA for Actuarial Services—APPROVED
    (k) Consider Approval of the 1st Reading of Policy EIB (Local)
    – Homework Policy--APPROVED
    (l) Consider Approval of the 2nd Reading of Policy EHBB (Local) – Gifted
    and Talented Program--APPROVED
    (m) Consider Approval of Adoption of Textbooks for Use in School Year
    (n) Consider Approval of Calling the School Trustee Election for May 3,
    2003; Approve the Resolution and the Joint Election Agreement
    with the City of San Angelo, and Approve the Resolution and
    Election Services Contract with the Tom Green County Elections
    Administrator to Administer the Election at a Shared Cost with the
    City of San Angelo and Approve that a Joint Runoff Election be
    held on May 31, 2003, if necessary, Administered by the County
    Elections Administrator--APPROVED
    (o) Consider Approval of March 4, 2003, as a Special Board Meeting for
    MARCH 6, 2003.
    (p) Consider Approval of April 3, 2003, as a Special Board Meeting for
    Reduction in Force--APPROVED
    (q) Set Date for the Next Board Finance/Facilities Committee Meeting—
    MARCH 20, 2003 AT 4:00 PM
    (r) Set Date for the Next Regular Board of Trustees Meeting—MARCH 25, 2003
    AT 5:30 PM
    (s) Set Date(s) for Special Board Meeting to Select Firm for Facility Study—
    FEBRUARY 26 AND 27, 2003 AT 5:30 PM
    (t) Consider Action Resulting from Consultation with Attorney
    (Gov’t Code 551.071)--NONE
  14. Adjournment—9:26 PM