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Archived Meeting Minutes

Prepared by Jamie Highsmith, Public Information Officer

January 23, 2003

  1. Call to Order and Establish Quorum
  2. (Executive Session moved to the end of the meeting)
  3. Invocation - Mr. Daniel Cárdenas
  4. Pledge of Allegiance and Presentation of Colors
    Goliad Elementary School - PRIDE OFFICERS Macy Harris, Stephanie Eckert, Joanna Gatlin, Dylan Wanoreck, and Selena Zuniga.
    Sponsors: Tanya Abbott and Sandy Meeks
  5. Recognition (5a-5b)
    1. School Board Recognition-all board members were presented certificates by Dr. Pugh in honor of School Board Recognition Month
    2. Central Administrators for Preparation for Recent Visits by Outside Agencies-Dr. Pugh recognized the efforts of many administrators in the District for their extra effort.
  6. Public Comment-Sarge Goforth regarding School Board Recognition
  7. Consider Approval of Minutes for the Special Meeting of December 2, 2002, and Regular Meeting of December 17, 2002--APPROVED
  8. Consider Approval of Bills and Accounts and Financial Statements for December, 2002--APPROVED
  9. Reports (9a - 9h)
    1. Results of Student Demographic Study-presented by Dr. Dennis Harner
    2. No Child Left Behind Report-presented by Robbin Gesch
    3. Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan Report-presented by Susan Schultz
    4. ONE°-Enterprise Information Management Initiative-presented by Cameron Evans regarding technology
    5. Membership Report - 20th Monday of School, January 13, 2003-- APPROVED
    6. 2002-2003 Third Six Weeks Average Daily Attendance Report-- APPROVED
    7. Facilities/Finance Committee Report-given by Tim Archer
    8. Status on Policy for Students Traveling Out of Town on Extra-Curricular Activities-work on this item is still in progress
  10. Consent Agenda Items (10a - 10e)
    1. Consider Approval of Bid Award RFP #718 - Dual Purpose Paper-APPROVED
    2. Consider Approval of Bid Award RFP #719 - Belaire Fire Alarm-tabled until the next facilities meeting
    3. Consider Approval of Authorizing District Representative to Sign Impact Aid Application--APPROVED
    4. Consider Approval of Donation
      (1) Donation of a six (6) gift cards for $20.00 each from Wal-Mart for Mr. Hawkin's 7th grade class (Tiny Tim Project), Glenn Junior High School -APPROVED
    5. Consider Approval of District Employment Recommendation for School Year 2002-2003-APPROVED
  11. Action Agenda Items (11a - 11j)
    1. Consider Discussion of the Central High School Head Coach Position and the Salary to be Offered--DISCUSSED
    2. Consider Approval of 2001-2002 Audit Report and Compensatory Education Report--APPROVED
    3. Consider Approval of Proposed Amendment for the District Official Budget: General Fund-APPROVED
    4. Consider Approval of Change Order #1 - Southwest Elementary Project
    5. Consider Approval of the First Amendment to the 2001 Community
      Development Block Grant Subrecipient Agreement between the
      City of San Angelo and the San Angelo Independent School
    6. Consider Approval of the 2001-2002 Child Nutrition Program Audit-APPROVED
    7. Consider Approval of Increasing Adult Meal Prices-APPROVED
    8. Consider Approval of the First Reading of Board Policy EHBB (Local) -Gifted and Talented Program-First Reading APPROVED
    9. Consider Approval of Contract Extension for the Superintendent of Schools--APPROVED
    10. Consider Action Resulting from Consultation with Attorney
      (Gov't Code 551.071)--NONE

The Board then adjourned to executive session:
2. Adjourn to Closed or Executive Session in accordance with:

551.071 Texas Government Code

  • Discussion with attorney regarding pending or threatened litigation

551.074 Texas Government Code

  • Discuss employee discipline, duties, resignations, reassignments, and new hires, including employment of a Lake View High School Head Football Coach/Athletic Coordinator
  • Discuss Extension of Contract of the Superintendent of Schools)

Following executive session, Mrs. Stout reported that the board had extended Dr. Pugh's contract and that Joey McQueen is the new head football coach/athletic director at Lake View High School.

12. Announcements

February 13, 2003 (Thursday) - 4:00 p.m.
Board Finance/Facilities Committee Meeting - SAISD Board Room

February 18, 2003 (Thursday) - 5:30 p.m.
Regular Board Meeting - SAISD Board Room
(This meeting will be the 18th rather than the 20th, as previously posted.)

13. Adjournment