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Archived Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2002

  • The board conducted the second hearing on child care services for after-school care. Mrs. Rice explained that surveys are sent to each elementary campus in the spring. There must be 10 interested students per campus; otherwise, individual arrangements are made. Providers are the YMCA and Boys Clubs. There was no public comment on this item.
  • A workshop for the proposed budget was conducted by
    Mr. Robert van de Riet and Dr. Cole Pugh. A key feature
    of the budget proposal is an increase in salary for district
    ~A $1,300 raise is proposed for all teachers
    ~Beginning salaries would be increased from $27,070 to
    $28,000 for bachelor's degrees and from $27, 570 to $28,
    500 for master's degrees
    ~Other professionals would receive a 3% raise
    ~Paraprofessionals would receive a 5% raise
    ~Auxiliary staff would receive a 5% raise

    The proposal includes no overall increase in other expendi-tures and features a balanced budget.

    Regarding revenue, there are three sources: local funds
    bring in 37%, state funds, 62%, and federal funds, 1%.
    Over 95% of local revenue is generated by property tax.

    Citing declining student enrollment, the fact that $5.2
    million in state funding will be lost if there is no tax increase, and other concerns, Dr. Pugh proposed a tax rate increase of .05 cents, which would bring the rate to $1.50 per $100 of valuation. That amount was approved for publication by the board.

  • Public comment was given regarding junior high coaches and head football coaches' assignments and vehicles by Max Parker, Keith Davis, Mike Griffin, Daniel Baker, Mark Williams, and Alan Curry. These speakers asked for additional coaches at the junior high schools as well as reinstating the terms of the original contracts for the head football coaches at Central and Lake View, including the use of vehicles and the removal of additional assign-ments. No voting took place as these topics were reports
    and not agenda items.
  • Ray Zapata made public comment regarding the re-instatement of the PAYS School, asking that a task force be appointed to study the possibility. Mrs. Joanne Rice explained that a form of PAYS is in operation on both high school campuses this school year. No voting took place as this topic was a report and not an agenda item.
  • District Employment Recommendations were approved under the consent agenda.
  • On the action agenda, the following items were approved:
    ~Tax Rate for Publication
    ~Public Hearing date of Aug. 29, 2002
    ~Renewal of property, automobile, and liability insurance
    (There was no action resulting from consultation with attorney.)

August 20, 2002 5:30 PM Regular Board Meeting
August 29, 2002 6:00 PM Special Board Meeting:
hearing to adopt budget and set tax rate

Prepared by Jamie Highsmith, Public Information Officer