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Archived Meeting Minutes

August 6, 2002

  • The first public hearing on child care service was held. These elementary schools will offer child care after school provided by the YMCA:
    Alta Loma, Austin, Bonham, Bowie, Crockett, Fan- nin, Glenmore, Goliad, McGill, Santa Rita, Travis.
    The Boys Club will offer child care at Rio Vista
    and Blackshear.
  • Board minutes were approved for July 18, 23, and
    27, 2002.
  • The following schools were recognized for out-standing TAAS scores:
    Exemplary schools: Bonham, Travis, Santa Rita,
    Glenmore, and Bowie.
    Recognized schools: Glenn Junior High, Austin, Belaire, Crockett, Fannin, Goliad, and McGill.
  • During the public comment time, Mr. Max Parker addressed the board regarding the need for more
    coaches at the junior high level and asked that
    the head football coaches at Lake View and
    Central have their original benefits reinstated
    and extra duties removed.
  • Dr. Cole Pugh and Mrs. Joanne Rice addressed Staff Development plans for the fall, noting that these opportunities will have a direct impact on student achievement. Special highlights will be the curriculum audit training and Margaret Kilgo
    training. Other noted sessions include the Texas
    Behavior Support Initiative, Capacity Building
    Initiative, and Writing Defensible ARD Minutes.
  • Mrs. Rice presented the Campus Data Disaggre-gation Notebooks, which contain the following
    helpful information for each campus:
    the district's testing schedule
    TAAS Cohort Study
    Historical testing data
    District testing data
    Anticipated TAKS scores
    Curriculum Alignment
    Just for the Kids statewide comparison
    Planning pages for vertical team/campus strategies
  • Mrs. Gloria Baird gave the projections for multi-age
    and split classrooms for this year. Santa Rita will
    keep a 3-4 and a 5-6 classroom, while Travis will have a 1-2 classroom. Based on current projec-tions, no campus will have split classrooms.
  • All items on the consent agenda were approved.
    Regarding district employee travel, conference
    registration, airfare, and hotel expense will be
    paid in advance. Mileage and meal expense will
    be paid within 5 business days of return.
  • On the Action Agenda, all of these items were
  • Change orders for Southwest Elementary
  • No tuition charge for transfer students
  • Computer connections needed at Central High
  • The Argus/King firm was hired to remove mold
    at Crockett Elementary in the music room
  • Announcements:
    Special Board Meeting Tuesday, Aug. 13 6:00 pm
    (Presentation of 2002-03 Budget and approval of proposed tax rate)
    Regular Board Meeting Tuesday, Aug. 20 5:30 pm
    Special Board Meeting Thursday, Aug. 20 6:00 pm
    (Hearing to adopt budget and set tax rate)