Engage Technology Conference Fosters Transformation

July 17, 2019

San Angelo ISD held its 4th Annual Engage Technology Conference July 16 and 17 at Central High School. 

The theme of the conference was "Fostering the Transformation." During the two-day workshop, participants learned how to transform their classrooms into engaging environments by curating resources, creating content, and connecting with other educators. Sessions included topics such as coding, Google Classroom, STEM, iPads, Screencasting, Digital Safety and Security, Podcasting, and more.

SAISD Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Professional Learning Dr. Farrah Gomez said the conference was "an opportunity for educators to sharpen the skills of their craft in obtaining or refining new ways to use technology in their classroom."

The conference was attended by San Angelo ISD staff and other Area 15 educators. While the majority of the sessions were taught by SAISD teachers who are effectively integrating technology into their classrooms, the conference also featured speakers from friEdTechnology, TCEA, ESC Region 15, San Antonio and Houston. 

"Being able to connect with others allows educators to expand beyond a single classroom, campus, or district," said Dr. Gomez. "Learning is global, and equipping both educators and students with such tools allows them to go beyond the brick and mortar of their classroom and creates conditions where they can be communicators, collaborators, critical thinkers, and creators." 

Communicators, collaborators, critical thinkers, and creators are the four pillars of the Future-Ready Learner Profile that represents the goals SAISD educators have for all students. These attributes encompass the qualities and characteristics that are important for students to attain in order to be highly-capable and successful throughout their future endeavors.

"Educators often hear that they are preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist," said SAISD Instructional Technology Coordinator Laura Howard. "This statement has never been more true. We already see programmed robots and machines that will cook meals, deliver packages, and check out our groceries.  Students use technology and the design process to research, plan, create, and test their way through authentic, real-world problems. They have unlimited access to a global audience and resources including national studies, experts, journals, and a multitude of other tools and resources with the use of technology. The Engage conference gives teachers necessary tools and strategies to help better prepare students for a successful future."