Healthy Media Tips For Children

February 28, 2019

San Angelo ISD is committed to communicating with our parents and advising them of any social media trends that seem to garner increased attention by students.  We are aware of, and would like to draw your attention to the, “Momo Challenge”.  In this challenge, children are encouraged to carry out various tasks, some of which include self-harm. This challenge is popping up, unsolicited, in a variety of online platforms. 

We encourage parents to focus on the bigger picture when their children are pressured to act out or give out personal information, regardless of any trending threat. Educating your child how to use the internet safely is a critical skill for avoiding dangerous situations for which young people are emotionally unprepared. 

Parents can:

  • Supervise YouTube, online gaming platforms and social media
    • See below for more digital media tips 
  • Restrict content not suitable for children on devices 
  • Talk about the topic with your child using age appropriate language
  • Reinforce your values and expectations in relation to online access
  • Provide a safe place to discuss your child’s feelings and online interests

Our counselors and staff are always available to visit with our students and parents.  Encourage your student to find an adult if they feel frightened or uncomfortable.

Healthy Media Tips For Children

Choose age appropriate media.
When your child asks to see, play, or download something, do not take his/her word for it -- check up on it. Say no if you are not comfortable with it. When you approve something, help your child enjoy it along with their other activities.

Turn off screens right before bed, and keep them out of the bedroom overnight.
Children need their sleep. Turning off devices and television at least one hour before bedtime or set to night mode can help children wind down and get the rest they need.

Turn off the TV if no one is watching it.
Sometimes parents of young children keep the TV on for company. Background TV can also expose kids to age-inappropriate content. Parents can seek out other forms of entertainment to share with children, such as music, kids' podcasts, and audiobooks.

Make time for enjoying media with your kids, especially reading.
Reading to your child is one of the best things you can do. It is great for bonding, but it also sets the stage for learning. 

Model appropriate media usage.
Parents can create a family media plan to help balance media and tech with all of the other activities that are important. Schedule downtime, chores, homework, outdoor fun, reading, and meals. Aim for a balance throughout the week, and try to create times and locations that are screen free.