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Tech Badges Promote Use of Technology in the Classroom

December 12, 2016

The San Angelo ISD Instructional Technology Department recently launched a new tech badge program with the goal of providing differentiated professional development for district educators. The program promotes the use of effective technology resources in the classroom and provides a way for teachers and students to learn, teach, create, collaborate, and share with others on their campus. 

Staff earn "professional" badges when they demonstrate how they have used a specific digital resource in their daily work. They earn "integration" badges when they demonstrate how they have integrated a digital resource into student learning. Earned badges are displayed on posters outside of a staff member's classroom or office. When teachers display their badges, they become a resource for others on their campus.

SAISD Assistant Superintendent Matt Kimball had the following to say about the numerous benefits of the tech badge program. "It provides a fun, low-stress way for teachers to stay life-long learners, a visual for administrators, parents, and community members to see how technology is being used in the classroom, a guide to the types of additional training needed on campuses, and a way to collect, catalogue, share, and showcase lesson ideas in order for teachers and students to effectively and seamlessly use technology in their classroom and learning.  We have seen some amazing results."

The tech badge program was recently submitted to the Texas Association of School Administrators to be included in the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium’s report to the governor, the Legislature and the State Board of Education. The report highlights initiatives by districts all over the state who are leading the way in innovative, next-generation learning standards. For the report submision, SAISD created a video explaining the program and how it impacts the classroom. The video was highlighted on TASA's School Transformation website where the program can be shared with other districts looking for inspiration.