Bond Progress Report - 12/8/2011

December 8, 2011

Santa Rita Project:

This project is complete.

Holiman Project:

This project is complete.

Lee Project:

The upstairs renovations are complete except for some punch list items and final cleaning. We will move in the first week of Christmas break and start abatement on the downstairs.

Goliad Project:

Renovations are about 60% complete in the two older wings at Goliad. Walls are being painted in both wings. Air and heat should be about ready to turn on in the next few weeks. Flooring will follow once temperatures inside are regulated. We are still at least two months away from completion of this phase.

San Jacinto Project:

The girl’s restroom on the north end of downstairs will be ready to occupy after the Christmas break. Framing and drywall are almost complete upstairs. Painting and flooring will occur next. This phase is at least 90 days from completion. The next area for renovation will be the library and the rest of the downstairs area.

Central Project:

Kelton Ag and building maintenance shops: Complete

Tucker Admin/classroom wing: Complete.

Phase 3 Renovations: The Student Service Center is complete and operational. The old office area has metal studs in place and ready for drywall. Schweitzer demolition is complete and gutted. Old counseling center will be ready for demolition in the next few days and should be gutted by the end of the Christmas break. This phase of the project will continue until summer. New windows will begin to appear at the theater and will be done in small sections to avoid conflicts with campus and community activities.

Crockett Project:

The new addition is nearing completion. Flooring should finish early next week and final floor prep is starting on the south end. Furniture will be arriving next week and we plan on moving classrooms into this building during the Christmas break.

Glenmore Project:

All underground utilities, grade beams and piers should be complete in the next few weeks. Steel erection will follow and we will finally be able to see the building coming up out of the ground.

Bradford Project:

Bid documents will be in the hands of Lee Lewis Construction next week. They will begin their process for obtaining pricing. We will open their bids on January 12th and be ready to go to the Board in January with our price. If all goes well, construction should begin in March.

Reagan Project:

Drywall is complete and door frames are finished. Painting can begin soon. Restroom and elevator additions are complete except for roofing. We should begin that process in January.

Lake View Project:

CMAR proposals have been opened and I anticipate awarding the project in January. We should be able to get underway on the construction documents after the first of the year and should have this bid out by June so construction can begin in the summer.