Bond Progress Report - 11/10/2011

November 10, 2011

Santa Rita Project:

This project is complete.

Holiman Project:

This project is complete.

Lee Project:

The upstairs renovations are nearing completion. We have all the laminate wall panels in place and most of the flooring is complete. The data, phone and intercom cabling is in progress and ceiling tiles are being put in as the process moves through the building. There is still some finish work to be completed and the testing and balancing of the heating and cooling system will occur in the next few weeks. We anticipate the completion of this floor in mid December. Furniture will be moved into place during Christmas break. In January, abatement will begin on the ground floor from the east end of the building to the front doors.

Goliad Project:

Renovations are about 50% complete in the two older wings at Goliad. Demolition is complete and the metal studs and drywall are complete in most areas. Exterior walls have been replaced in the classroom wing and should be finishing soon in the new library area (formerly the old cafeteria). In the next month painting will begin followed by flooring and other finishes.

San Jacinto Project:

We moved into the downstairs offices in mid-September. Demolition is complete upstairs on the south end. They are also renovating the girl’s restroom on the north end of downstairs during the upstairs process because the plumbing connects. Metal studs and drywall are going up in the renovated areas and we hope this process will be complete in January. The next area for renovation will be the library and the rest of the downstairs area.

Central Project:

Kelton Ag and building maintenance shops: Complete

Tucker Admin/classroom wing: Complete.

Phase 3 Renovations: In Sousa we will complete the sound panels in the band hall and performance hall in the next week. The Student Service Center will move to its new location in the next two weeks. Demolition is complete in the old office area and underground plumbing is in progress. Asbestos abatement is progressing at Schweitzer and will move back to the old counseling center as soon as we get the Student Service Center moved. This phase of the project will continue until summer. There will also be a new parking lot on the west edge of campus and behind the Trevino Gym that will both be open by Thanksgiving.

Crockett Project:

The new addition is entering the final stages. The ceramic tile is complete and permanent power is in place. The HVAC units will be turned on so the building can climatize before the installation of flooring. Exterior work is finishing on the sidewalks and canopy. Final painting is taking place in several areas. All millwork has arrived and should be going into place in the next week. I plan on moving into this building during the Christmas break.

Glenmore Project:

The pad should be complete in the next week and pier holes and grade beams are underway. Plumbing rough-in is in progress. Water lines for the fire sprinkler system are underway. Utility work will continue throughout the year.

Bradford Project:

I am anticipating bid documents for this project to be complete prior to Thanksgiving. I would like to get the bid out before Christmas so we can begin construction by February 1st.

Reagan Project:

Hatch channels (narrow metal studs) are being installed over the plaster walls to provide a smoother finish to the walls. Drywall is going up in classrooms and hallways.

Lake View Project:

CMAR bids are out now and I anticipate awarding the project in January. We should be able to get underway on the construction documents after the first of the year and should have this bid out by June so construction can begin in the summer.