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Bond Progress Report - 12/10/2010

December 10, 2010

Santa Rita Project:

This project is complete.

Holiman Project:

The new building is coming along and our anticipated move-in will be December 21-23. All subs should be complete with their work this week with the exception of the flooring. We changed the accent colors in the tile and that will cause them to still be working next week. Cleaning and waxing should begin next week. Our new furniture will be delivered on December 15 and installation will be completed by the end of the day on the 17th. I will have a moving crew on site December 22 to move all the rest of the furniture and teaching materials. Asbestos abatement and the renovation phase will begin after January 3rd. We are still working with the contractor to get pricing completed on the additional work we will need in order to leave the middle wing.

Lee Project:

We plan on moving into the new wing after Christmas. We will begin the move on December 28 or 29 and have them ready to begin classes in the new wing on January 4. We will also move all teachers from the first floor to the barracks and from the second floor to the first in order to begin abatement and renovation on the second floor. Work on the weight room continues and the doors will be cut into the small gym over the break to allow access to the new restrooms in the small gym. We will move into the weight room in January. The terrazzo flooring and laminate wall panels are complete in the new addition and finish work is well underway. Concrete work on ramps and sidewalks should be completed by the end of next week.

Goliad Project:

Steel erection, grade beams and footings are all progressing and nearing completion. Concrete slab work is about a third complete and should be finished early in January. Roof decking is on two-thirds of the building and steel studs have been put in place on the east side of the cafeteria and south classroom addition. Roofing should begin on the kitchen/cafeteria area in the next month to get dried in and then interior work can begin.

San Jacinto Project:

San Jacinto continues to move forward and we will move into the new wing on December 27-28th. We will be moving 6 classrooms from upstairs in the main building into the new wing and other empty rooms to begin renovation on the second floor. Exterior concrete work continues and should all be ready by the end of next week. We will begin work upstairs on the south end of the main building after the break.

Central Project:

Ag and building maintenance shops are complete and occupied.
Morse Demolition is proceeding and the building should be leveled by January 3rd. There will still be dirt work to complete after that time, but all should be completed by the end of January.

Admin/classroom wing: We have about two thirds of the new building with steel erected and concrete poured. Block is going up on the east side and will continue as steel is erected. Steel studs are in place on the first floor science classroom/labs and stairs are installed on the east end. They will continue to move west and will have about 7,000 square feet left to complete the footprint of the building.

Crockett Project:

The pad and pier holes have been completed. Carton forms and underground plumbing are moving along quickly. Grade beams are being formed. This project is moving along and we should be starting concrete pours after the break.

Glenmore Project:

We opened the bid on Glenmore yesterday and we were $1.7 million OVER budget. We will be looking at ways to reduce the scope and still accomplish what the original bond program intended for the campus. We had hoped to build a new cafeteria and library but that will probably be renovations instead. We will get it right before we start building.

Bradford Project:

We have started the initial discussions with the staff on Bradford. Gary Donaldson is the architect and Lee Lewis Construction has been selected as the construction manager at-risk.

Reagan Project:

Gregonis Design Groups is the architect. MidTex has been selected as the construction manager for this project. We have started our discussion with the principal and are in the early design phase of the project. We are aiming for a GMP on this project by mid February.