Safety, Security and Compliance

The Safety, Security and Compliance Department is assigned under the guidance of the Maintenance Department. Because of the close collaboration between these two departments, areas of concern can be discovered and resolved quickly. The Maintenance Team also assists with violations identified by outside sources that come through this office. As a department we service the students and district employees, all within 41 district sites.


Safety is the primary importance to this office. Each of us has the responsibility for the safety of students, staff, and ourselves as a basic concern. This objective is fundamental to our wellbeing, as well as the efficient operation of our school district facilities. The San Angelo ISD recognizes its responsibility for a safe working and educational environment.


The District Safety Office makes every effort to bring to the district the most up to date knowledge, resources, procedures and methods from industry experts. In addition, we are striving to bring training opportunities to our district allowing them better access to practices, procedures and policies for the responsibilities entrusted to this office. This office acts as a liaison between established safety and emergency agencies and local organizations whose primary focus is the safety of our surrounding community. We offer reviews, guidance and suggestions to all district sites in an effort to enhance their safe educational and business environments.

Contact Information:

Maintenance Department
100 Paint Rock Road
Ofc: (325) 659-3621, 3622
Fax: (325) 658-3007

AJ Turner
Maintenance Supervisor & Safety/Security Specialist
Ofc: (325) 659-3626
Cell: (325) 374-6938

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